Luck and Fate

Good luck and good fortune placed me in the right place at the right time to be selected to come to Cairo to teach at the Egyptian Supreme Press Council.

One of my students working on online project at Supreme Press Council

Thanks to the dedication of the people at USAID, the Press Council is training Egyptian journalists to experiment in online and multimedia, to try new writing forms and to discover stories outside of official government statements.

The Poynter Institute works with Cairo journalists

The Poynter Institute has a contract with the Supreme Press Council to continue training Egyptian journalists in the year ahead.  It is our hope that other Middle Eastern countries will send journalists to the center as well, that it will become a regional center for journalism excellence.

Egyptian journalist Sandra Hakim allowed us to use her as a model to show how to use natural light and shadows on interviewee's faces.

I try to help the journalists be aware of light coming from different sources. In this case, she was standing right in the line of the projector light.

This week, I have been training top Egyptian editors and journalists how to use video and online multimedia, a fairly new concept to Egyptians, where internet connections can still be slow, although smart phones and cell phones are coming into common use.

Al Tompkins training students at Supreme Press Council- Cairo

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