Night on the Nile


Nile River Cairo July 2010

The Nile is the world’s longest river. It runs 4,000 miles from Middle Africa all the way to the Mediterranean.   It flows through the heart of Cairo.  The oddity of the Nile is that it flows from the mountains in the south to the Mediterranean in the north.  Egyptians thought for centuries that all other rivers were odd, because they flowed the other way.

The Nile actually creates the divide for how Egypt describes itself (sort of like the Mississippi divides East and West in the U.S..  Southern Egypt,  being upstream, is called Upper Egypt while and northern Egypt is called Lower Egypt.  Over 4,000 miles, the Nile is bordered by everything from wetlands to sand dunes. It is as different as the north Mississippi is from Minnesota to New Orleans.

Supreme Press Council Building - Cairo

The Supreme Press Council Building, where I have done most of my work this year, sits in the banks of the Nile, next to the National Museum.

Since 2/3rds of Egypt is covered by desert, the Nile is what makes life possible here, and has since ancient times.  In fact, the very calendar you use, the 12 month 30 day calendar was first based on the cycles of the Nile River.  The growing season, the drought and the harvest season were the three seasons they recognized.

If you want to learn more: go here.

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  1. Cinny Kp says:

    Al..this material is wonderful, informative, educational, rich in texture, and the images are stunning. Thanks from all of us sick of hearing about Lebron non sto

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