Not So Nice

Sure as heck, I wrote last night on this blog about how nice people are here in Egypt. As I was writing, a bus driver outside Cairo was whipping out an automatic rifle and gunning down passengers for no apparent reason.  Six died, 16 more were hurt.

As I was riding through the streets of Cairo today, a motorcycle whizzed by and clipped the car in front of us. A shoving and shouting match broke out.  Since traffic was at a standstill, as it often is, it gave us all something to look at for a few minutes.

Cabbie and biker duke it out in Cairo.

The guy in the green shirt, apparently just a passerby, did the most amazing thing.  He stepped in, put his armed around each guy and kissed each one on the cheeks.  He tried repeatedly to get them to talk with each other, but they wouldn’t. So he kissed them twice. One more time and they might have slugged HIM.

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